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Yamaha S90 ES Recall?


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Okay - here's what happened. So I am in Guitar Center drooling over the DSP sample editing tools on the Motif ES that Stephen Fortner talked about in his review - when the salesperson comes in and says, "Gotta lower the price on the regular S90 - the S90 ES is being recalled for a faulty chip or something".


Any truth to this rumor? What's the deal with the faulty chip? Is Yamaha recalling the S90 ES?


Drooling over the potential of having 1GB of sample ram in a Motif ES...



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To me it seems like a scenario that is really highly unlikely to occur- repeated quick power ons/ power offs, sending a sound out the headphone jack, in extreme heat conditions. So if you were outside and your power went off and on a bunch of times really fast and you had headphones on, you might recreate the problem. Me, as soon as I have a power blip, I shut down till it can be fixed. Most of the time its not a blip but a complete outage, when you blow a circuit or something.

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Thanks for the confirmation, aL... I've seen lots of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) type 'rumours' in the I.T. industry, so always take these sorts of things with a big grain of salt until things are verified by a trusted source. :thu:




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