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Help with sample loading into Triton Extreme


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I posted this over at HC too......

OK here's the situation. I have some old Akai Cd roms. I have a Triton Extreme and a Mac. I also have a compact flash card reader. I'm trying to port over programs from the CD Rom into the triton.

When I insert the Cd rom into the Mac, it doesn't recognize the CD (this is a Mac OS thing). So I downloaded a demo version of CDExtractor. Now the program finds the Cd and programs, samples,etc but when I drag the programs onto the compact flash drive, the Triton Extreme doesn't recognize the files. What can I do? Do I need the Chicken Systems Translator? It's already an Akai disk though. Korg support basically said "sorry, can't help you, good luck".

Anyone out there know the work around to this? THANKS!

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