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And You And I - Wakeman solo patches - Continued


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I found LMMO's recent post about Wakeman's patches in And You And I. That thread went a bit off-topic, so I've copied LMMO's original post below my next paragraph.


I listened to the solos, and tried to re-create the sounds, but I'm hearing the same thing that LMMO heard - it sounds like the patch changes octaves (just one osc) in the second part of the solo/s. I'm curious if anybody has verfied this or not. Has anyone else patched this up a given the solos a whirl?





Here's the copied text from LMMO's original post:


I was listening and enjoying Yes's song "And You and I" and had a few questions about Rick's use of the mini and a vocal part in the middle.


At about 1:30 in the song there's a minimoog lead but part way through it sounds like the note in a different octave gets stronger. Did I just miss it all along, or do you think he turned up the volume on an oscilator that was an octave up in the middle of the solo. Something similar happens at 6:20 in the song, although that time it may have been with a lower octave.


In the middle of the song where Anderson sings and there's that weird quasi vocal sound in the background at about 2:54. Is that the sound of them running his background vocals through a leslie (because once or twice I suspected maybe it's just an organ). Or is that just a vocoder or some weird chorus effect?


Finally at about 7:46 there's another minimoog solo, but the filters sound strange and ever so slightly out of sync. Also it sounds like two minis running in stereo one in each channel. Can anyone confirm?



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it sounds like the patch changes octaves (just one osc) in the second part of the solo/s.
I'm not sure what this means. I've seen Wakeman play these solos live on an original Mini a number of times. He doesn't do any octave changes other than the playing the keyboard.


When the higher-pitched oscillator(s) becomes less audible, I think it may be simply due to the pitch being beyond our hearing. It does get up there in frequency.


Otherwise, it's volume may be diminished due to the filter modificatio from the keyboard.

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Hi Prague, I actually was wondering about the live versions and how Wakeman handled the solos. Guess I'll be going through my Yes DVDs to check it out.


I was listening to the studio version of the song last night, and it did seem like the interval changed between the oscillators halfway through the solo. Hmm.. Now I wonder if they recorded the solo with different takes....maybe Rick didn't dial in the same exact patch?

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