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Problems with G-Force Oddity


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I can't seem to get their tech support to answer any mail, so maybe somebody here can help. I'm running the Oddity as a standalone on a new Dell laptop that's pretty tricked out so power isn't a problem. I have an Emu XBoard25 that I'd like to use as a controller, but whenever I try to switch to that under the Oddity's MIDI input settings (and it does show up as a choice), it just says "Can't change MIDI input device, code -1" (or something very close to that). Anybody run across this and fixed it? Also, can the latency be adjusted? The manual is fairly useless in that arena. And there's a button labelled "On" above the keyboard in the window. No mention anywhere of what it does (it doesn't seem to do anything at all), and no pop-up label. Lots of folks say nice things about this software, and the sound seems to be good (I used to own an Odyssey), but I'm not too impressed by the package and support otherwise. Maybe it works better as a plug-in?
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Is it possible you need to change the MIDI input device in Windows' MIDI settings instead of the Oddity's menu? If the XBoard's driver is installed but it isn't designated as the current controller, that might explain why it shows up as a choice but can't be selected.


I'll invite an M-Audio dude to come over here and see if they can't answer your question. Give 'em a few days - they're all away at AES right now.


In the meantime . . . Phorum Philosophers?

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