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Touch Response in motif ES7


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I have bought a new motif es7 last week. Previously I was working with Yamaha PSR model. Moving from PSR to a professional model, I personally find hard playing with the touch response especially, piano and electric pianos. But excellent tones. Can anyone help me, how can the touch response percentage can be decreased. In PSR models there is an option to reduce the intencity. Is there any option for motif ES.


Thank you in advance for your help.


- Godwin

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Hit the UTILITY button, and cursor to the VelCurve parameter. There, you'll find five options of velocity curve. Programs are also editable at the element level for how amplitude, filter, and other things respond to velocity. Try going into EDIT mode on a sound you like, select an element, hit F4 for the AMP section, then SF2 to bring up parameters that control velocity sensitivity.

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Thanks a lot of helping me. As the instrument is used for the church purposes, I went this sunday and I changed the setting as you have instructed and it worked. Thanks once again.


By the way, I use Yamaha FC4 pedal for sustaining purposes such as piano, epiano. But for some tones like "Piano&String", "Epiano&Pad", the sustain effect does not stop. It continues on and on. I read in manual, that sustain will not be audible for the usage of organ tones. But I need a solution for the tones which I have mentioned on top. Is there any option that I can reduce the strings sustain time or sustain level or whatever.


Thanks for your help in advance.


- Godwin

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