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SoundDiver online petition


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Hey fellow keyboardists !


You may know SoundDiver - the editor/organizer for MIDI instruments etc. After Apple's takeover, SoundDiver seems to have been discontinued. Software synths and emulations is a revolution in itself, but real gear continues to be important for many of us !! The petition is asking Apple to resurrect SoundDiver, integrated with Logic Pro or at least as a separate program.


If you have a moment, please see if you can agree/sign. And please distribute the link if you can.





Martin (in Oslo)

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I assume this petition is for the PC version?
Hehe, point taken.. :) The OS X version isn't even a release, only a perpetual public beta - while SD Windows at the least came to The beta's compatibility with upcoming OS X Intel (running via Transistive) is even more unsure. If it appears even buggier on MacIntels, I'll consider installing the SD Windows version on a PC with Ethernet MIDI.



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