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Roland Fantom X-6 Questions

Mark Hovoc

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My main question is, just how does Rolands keyboard stack up to the other $2000 competition (Korg Triton Extreme, Alesis HD, & Yamaha Motif) Sampling and Synth wise.


I don't really care about any software programs like Gigastudio, Halion, Reason, or Kontakt for sampling because I need something that's reliable, has no latency, is portable and will work every second of every day.

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Mark,welcome to KC. :wave:


There are a number of threads discussing these boards that you will find by doing a search on their names. Meanwhile I'm always up for doing one more.


To risk summarize the threads, the Motif ES appears to tbe hand down favorite at the moment. The Triton was the favorite previously, but ever since the ES came out, the Korg and Roland offerings in the same price range have been seen as narrowing the gap rather than raising the bar. That is if you leave out the current do-all mega synth ... the Korg Oasys, which is in a league by itself.


Of course there are unique personalities to each of these synths and each of us probably has a favorite.


My personal opinion is that they are all capable, although, I lean toward Rolands due to my past exposure to them. I like the Motif soundset the best, I like the Korg tube device, though it has limited application, and I like the Roland COSM EFX, including the sympathetic resonance feature. From the standpoint of the synth engine iself, I like the Roland and Motif engines more than I do the Extreme. The Roland for the additional DSP's, dual full function lfo's etc. The Motif for it's filters, which I find more musical than the others, as well as the range of PLG possibilities. While the Triton's MOSS board is attractive, I find it's sounds slightly ove-exposed and I am unable to program the kind of piano I would like to on it. (A third part sample set could fix that.) Speaking of pianos I do like the new Roland piano, and I do like the ES piano as well. That's my long two cents, but I should add that I find all these boards attractive. I'm slightly underwhelmed by the Fusion at first glance, and my jury is out.) I'm sure you will get great advice from this community, as I always have.



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