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Turks 'n Kurds

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I heard on the news the other day that we were sending arms to Turkey. What a stupid idea.. They have wings now and can't fly, what the hell do they need arms for?

Mark G.

"A man may fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame others" -- John Burroughs


"I consider ethics, as well as religion, as supplements to law in the government of man." -- Thomas Jefferson

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I actually just got back from Turkey a few days ago. I vacationed there for eleven days my girlfriend, primarily in Istanbul, with a three day trip to Selcuk, Ephesus, Sirence and Pamukkale. (I live in Brooklyn, NY). First: "Why the hell did you go to Turkey?" That's what everybody asks. I had gone to Prague a few years ago, and wanted to explore Eastern Europe / the Middle East a little further. Istanbul is largely secularized, modernized and tourist-friendly. My girlfriend, on a year-long backpacking trip she took last year, had planned on passing through Turkey in a couple days, and ended up staying for a month because she loved it so much. I saw a gazillion other tourists in Turkey, but probably only one or two Americans during my entire trip. I am sure this is because of the well-documented anti-American sentiment growing in Turkey, as well as the tension with neighboring Iraq. The anti-American sentiment is definitely there, but it is certainly not extremist or militant. Everybody I met was extremely friendly to me personally. It usually was directed more at George W. than anybody else. Nearly everybody I met said something to this effect: “We do not like George W. Bush. He wants to make war, and we do not like war.” Which is hard to argue with, really. A couple of times I had to shoot down some extremely ignorant opinions (e.g., “I think George Bush blew up the WTC himself so that he could go to war”). A few people expressed frustration because they had tried to visit America, and were given the run-around for months by immigration. I can understand resenting a political entity that automatically suspects you of being a terrorist. In any case, I loved Istanbul, and made friends there with some great people. It would be a real shame if we soured our relationship with Turkey over the war with Iraq.
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