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Roland Samplers

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The 2 first models are 12 bit, and cannot read Akai format, the 750 was the (LE) model of the 770, reads Akai, and was always rated to sound way better than all other brands, due to the Roland fix playback frequency. I would first o f all see the specs differencies between 750 and 770, but if you really need a sampler go for a soft sampler in a computer, way more voices, way more editable and upgradable!

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akai s2000's go for $150+ depending on ram, cards, filters, effects. i paid $200 for mine, 32mb ram and no other upgrades. its simply a smokin cost effective easy to use thing. if ya need more power than that, BUY TWO OF THEM. they are MULTI so you can easily run two together. i hate (ok, strongly despise) roland stuff. "i never met a roland i didnt hate" ask me why
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[quote]Originally posted by Bonafide 1: [b]I've recently found 3 samplers and need to know which is best and is there are any software upgrades for them Roland S330, S550, S750 I haven't purchased either of these.[/b][/quote]I've had all of them at one time or another, still have the 750. The 750 is the way to go as it's the only one that's 16 bit. The latest OS was 2.24, I believe...rock solid. It's upgradable to 18megs, but, iirc, you need a special board to max out the ram which is probably impossible to find so I'd only buy one that's fully loaded with ram. Currently I've got two S760s and a 750 along with several others. I've always preferred the sound of the Roland stuff and the Roland library is outstanding. The only Roland sampler to read Akai format is the 760, the 750 will NOT read Akai. It's a MUCH better sounding sampler than the S2000 and the OS is far superior as well. And the ability to use a mouse and monitor is just the icing on the cake. HTH.

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[quote]Originally posted by Condo Coaster: [b]i hate (ok, strongly despise) roland stuff. "i never met a roland i didnt hate" [/b][/quote]I take it you don't like Roland's, huh? :rolleyes: I've loved Roland since my TR707 back in '88, and their samplers since I got my S-330 10 years ago and even more when my cousin got a DJ70 (S750-based engine) later on. Their samplers simply sound the best (both the 12 -and 16-bitters). I also think that their whole convoluted interface is overblown. Granted, it's not always easy to the uninitiated (and some initiated), but once you understand "Roland speak" it makes sense. I've always felt Yamaha's interfaces were considerably less user friendly. Nonetheless, Akai samplers rank pretty high up there for me as does the sampler in the Triton. EMUs are great, but moreso than most, it's really up to if the sound is for you. It doesn't exactly spit out what you put in, but it sounds good. So...to answer the question, the S750 is probably the best for you. If you can get it damn good cheap, then do it. If not, get one of the other two and spring for a decently priced Akai. Peace
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