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Is "Keyboard" really "Keyboard Sounds"?

Hugo H

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I'll vote for the sidebar. Call it "Gimme some action" or whatever. If you make comments about the keyboard's approximation to an acoustic piano please specify which brand - e.g. Kawai is markedly heavier than most so this is important. Maybe the list I started could be embellished. I mean give it a rating for playing: 1. classical piano (even velocity being important here); 2. Hammond palm swipes; 3. machinegun Hammond technique; 4. clav (I'm referring to the key-up spring you want triggering a sample of the trigger reconnecting to the string playing funk); etc.

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Originally posted by Dave Horne:

I would buy a Yamaha keyboard without first playing on it and the same feeling would also apply for a Roland. It's those third world keyboards that need the extra verbal attention.


[enter Sue, stage left]

And you wonder why there's "nothing new and innovative" out there in hardware. You get upset with repackaged technology.


Thanks for calling. :freak:

"........! Try to make It..REAL! compared to what? ! ! ! " - BOPBEEPER
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I'm still in semi-shock that this is going to happen. That's not bad, just amazing! Do you realize how very, very rare it is for a company to change like this, to be this responsive to their customers?


I'm still talking to everybody about it.




Thanks again, guys.

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