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Latin piano videos?


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I'll try to make this short..


What I want are videos of people playing latin piano. What I REALLY want are videos of people playing latin piano and teaching it at the same time.


I've searched the internet but have only become more frustrated :( . All I keep finding are beginner "Learn Piano Now!" and "Easy Latin Piano!". I already know how to play the piano so I don't need this. I want to get into latin piano now and want to learn montunos and claves from the pros. I need some advanced high quality influence to get me started (ie. videos :) ).


It seems that noone is making advanced instructional videos.. I guess you have to go to school for that kinda knowledge..darn


Anyways, I promised I'd keep this short but I lied, sorry. :D


Jist: Does anyone know where I can find advanced instructional videos for latin piano (and/or latin jazz piano, and/or even videos on any latin instruments! (I know, I'm desperate). Heck, if you can give me a place that sells advanced instructional videos for any style of piano I'd be more than greatful.


Oh and, has anyone here watched and found instructional videos useful (for piano that is)?


Thanks for your time and help :)

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To my knowledge in the style of latin music there are no instructional videos. There are books on the matter and picking up on camera shots of the piano players that are in certain latin percussion instructional videos. It is probably a good idea but it would not be a profitable success. Given that certain companies have invested in low budget films and of all that matters is the information and not the quality of the product. I have seen that some videos are non script and many are more performers than true educators. On the subject of transmitting information on past and current trend of the piano styles,it would require a person with vast knowledge since though what is played is rhythmic formulas related to the other percussion instruments. There are so many variations of playing over a specific style. I can't see any of the current piano performers trying to explain what they do because many are not prepared to do so in a insturctional manner. Try better picking up from the books and hearing the music and transcribing it.
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get the transcribed compings of the Abersold latin cd by Mark Levine. You can get the play along book that has the exact transcription of Marks playing.

also pick up the 101 montunos book/cd. The only video instruction I can think of is on the gospelkeyboard.com site.




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Don't know if this is of any help but try clicking on the link below from David Sprunger's site. He's a fantastic blues player and has some material on Salsa/Latin. The first half is fairly routine but the last parts are pretty cool. Click on the icon that says "click for Piano and Keyboard Salsa". Also, check out the screenshot and audio sample lesson on the "click on Blues for Piano and Keyboard Vol. 12". This guy can play. I heard some of his gospel and worship stuff and it's too complex for me but might be up some one else's alley. I bought the worship vol. 2 and it's too much for me.



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