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OT In ear Monitors for iPod?


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I have been having a blast with some of the new podcast programs and listening to my ipod on the go more. I want to get some quality in ear monitors. I have been looking at the Shure lineup. The Ec5's look sweet but a bit pricey. The Ec2's are more in my budget but I don't want to be dissapointed with the sound quality. I may also use for monitoring recording projects on the go with my laptop from time to time.


Any thoughts on the Shure lineup or other models I might consider?





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Sure, I'd get the Shure.


They need to give me their end-of-year discount though. That's a lot of money to pay for earbuds so you can listen to some crappy podcast program though, SonicCanvas. Why don't you just wander on in to your nearest Radio Shack and pick up a pair of $5 specials? (I don't mean that. I'm certain there are podcasts out there worth listening to. I just haven't found any that are worth the little patience I have left at the end of a day.) :rolleyes:


I dunno. I just can't see paying what Shure is asking for these: Shure E3c $180. Shure E5C $500. :eek:





Here's a good review of the E5c. CLONK HERE




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I've had Etymotics for a while, and I've found them to be really great. Some people find them a bit uncomfortable in the ear, but I didn't have a hard time getting used to them and not only is the sound crystalline and exceptional, but they really do block out almost all outside noise. Probably a matter of taste between these and the Shures, either of which are a vast leap up from Apple's own ear buds.




Street price is probably about $90. Try Amazon.com.

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Wow, the guy who wrote that second review makes a Thomas Pynchon reference. I thought only I was a big enough intellectual dork to do that.


I spent some time with the E5C's at the last winter NAMM show. They're sweet, no question about it.

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I have and use a pair of E5's for both onstage monitoring and w/my iPod. Well worth it, if you use in-ears onstage as well. Very very clear, with excellent bass. For nothing but iPod use, total overkill.

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Koss makes a product that Radio Shack resells for $20 -- he claims the freq response is great....might be a good step between the $5 cheapies and the Shures? Here's the Koss info, but Radio Shack sells them as well under their own brand:



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I have a set of Shure E5s and a set of E3s for backup. No comparison, the E5s are the best. Comfortable, bi-amped, the next best thing to real ear phones without the geek factor.


I've been using these for 2 years now, and while street price is around $350, they do come with a 2 year warranty. I've sent mine back twice (once for a broken wire, and once for some kind of failure) and they replaced them free of charge in a week (that was with postal turnaround).


Futuresonics should really be investigated. They're less expensive than the Shure's, and to my ears, are less "hyped" sounding. When I first bought an in-ear system, the Futuresonics came with the Sennheiser system. They really felt comfortable, and unlike the Shures, really lent themselves to longer listening sessions because they didn't seem so hyped. While at first listen, the Shures knocked me out, I found that I could listen to the Futuresonics longer without ear fatigue.


The Em3s were the ones I tried, but they have a new model as well that looks interesting. If/when Shure stops replacing the E5s free of charge, I'll buy the Futuresonics.


Here's a link. http://www.futuresonics.com/ :thu:

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