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What happened to the Access TI ?


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Technically it sounds interesting, from a quantitative if not qualitative point of view (this is coming from someone who's not likely to have GAS for another ten years). I must say I was disappointed with what I heard in the video demonstration of it available on the web, though -- same old same old, basically. Don't blame the instrument for the demonstrator, though.


There've been a number of complaints about the hardware reliability of the kc; is this something Access is likely to have addressed by now in their sourcing and manufacturing processes? Anyone with any hard info on what they've done to deal with that, if it's a real problem? Even in the first review of the Virus years ago, I recall there was mention of hardware glitches with the review unit that were not reassuring to read...

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The VA-1 was put on hiatus when Samick bought Young Chang, which is Kurzweil's parent company. I was writing the instruction manual for it at the time - as a technical contractor, not an employee of Kurzweil, by the way. (For those keeping up with this, Samick's buyout has since been blocked by Korean anti-monopoly statutes.)


It sounded VERY good, maybe the most genuinely analog of any V.A. machine I'd ever heard. I don't have any information about its future, though last I talked to anyone there, it's not dead. I hope they get it out eventually... it's a brilliant machine that really deserves to see the light of day.

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Virus TI coming soon to a an entirely-too-expensive, out-of-touch, boring, pop-focused magazine with far too many ads and far too tiny type near you. (Sorry, I'm a little bitter about the crybabying going on in another thread.) ;)


Its release was just announced and Access has agreed to provide a review unit. Dunno the full story yet on why the long delay, but I suspect it had something to do with the small-company nature of Access and the hugely ambitious project it was - none of the Big Three, with all their resources and R&D departments, have attempted this to the same degree as what Access is apparently doing. Stay tuned.

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