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Anyone (not on tour) practice on the road?


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I'm going to be starting a new job in a few weeks that will require a lot of traveling. I'll probably be at a location about a week at a time and travel by plane. Honestly one of my biggest worries is not being able to practice during the week.


I've thought about getting a board that would be easy to "gig" with that I could slap on my shoulder and take to the airport on a whim. Or perhaps a controller and a module (or perhaps I'll use softsynths since I'll have a laptop (although not likely a Mac).


Also if I'm carrying around a relatively light board, I'm guessing at best it will be semi-weighted, and I'm used to practicing on weighted keys and slightly more distantly 99% of the time on actual pianos.


Any ideas the best road to take? Since the position is a decent step up I may be able to afford some GAS if necessary.


Also an aside, the only weak area of my home setup thus far is the organ. I use a Promega 3 and an Ion. Both have sounds I can use in a pinch, but are not idea. For the moment I'm not concerned about miscellaneous orchestra sounds.

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