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Which Studio Monitors do you recommend for the s90ES and general studio work?


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I am currently awaiting my s90es to arrive...in the meantime, I'm wondering how I'm gonna hear the thing when it gets here, so I was wondering what anyone recommends in terms of studio monitors. I'm looking into studio monitors, because I plan to mainly play the keyboard in my room and use it for making recordings/midi sequencing, so I don't need a amp for the stage.


I'm also on somewhat of a budget and right now am planning to drop 300-400 US on the monitors, so I'm not too critical about getting a very 'flat'response, but basically want monitors that are better than computer speakers, around 5', 6' woofers to support mid size productions, and reliable...


currently I've got my eye on the Samson Resolv 65a, anyone try this one out with an 88 key synth?





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I brought home a pair of M-Audio BX5. They are powered and sound great. However, I returned them. The just didn't sound better than my current speakers; KRK K-Rok. Remember these? They are passive 2-way. They sound very smooth in the higher freqs and I like 'em. I later got a KRK subwoofer for these.


Consider buying a subwoofer.


If you can't afford one now, pick a couple of good-sounding powered monitors that do a good job in the mids and treble. Adding a sub will let you hear the fundamentals in a grand piano or B3 program.


I put my K-RoKs on stands on either side facing my ears when I sit to play. I'm still working with my sub to get it sounding just like I want it.


Don't be afraid to try some speakers, then trade them and try some others. It takes some time to get your ears acclimated to their sound, but sooner or later, you'll decide that you really like them - or it's time to look around some more.


Good luck, :thu:



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I have M-Audio BX8s - the 'origianl' version (they have just been updated. They sound good and look cool, although they are probably too big for my space/needs - they were just on sale and too much of a value to pass up (got em for $279USD).


Plus the blue 'on' light matches my external HD. Yes, I am a nerd.

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I just bought the Resolv 65a with the 80 watt sub and I am using them with a Yamaha P250 and a Motif Rack es. They sound very good for the money. Excellent low end. I am going to add a Korg pa1x pro and I think they will work great with that also...
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+1 on the BX8's by M-Audio. I've had them for about a year now and paid almost $500 for the pair. I saw them on sale for $279-299/pairlast week. I even thought about grabbing a 2nd pair for backup. They work great in my small studio and I'm sure your S90es will sound great through them. Just my .02 worth! Congrats on the S90es, I want one ....may have to settle on a used S90


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