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Stereo Keyboard Amplification


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I was thinking about those Mackie SRM350. I'd really like to take a pair home, plus a pair of the smaller JBL G2 speakers, and compare them in my studio. Has anybody done this since Mackie fixed the buzz in the SRM350? Wouldn't it be neat if two of these and a sub would be all you need for a full sound?





On the other hand, the BOSE PAS probably sounds better than either of these. But for stereo you need a couple of poles and a couple of subs. I want stereo.


However as the monkey said when he peed into the cash register, "This is gonna run into da MONEY." ;) $4,000. :eek:



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Someone's passing out beers? I'll take one! :cool:


I'm on the side of a PA for keys myself. I'm in a 5-piece classic rock band, and I need to have some power to combat the guitars. Well, there is no competition. I've got a pair of 1-15 Peavey PA cabs with Scorpions (not great, but more than adequate, plus they're light, and they give me the sound I'm looking for.), a Mackie 1202VLZ, A Behringer compressor to tighten things up a bit, and a Crown XLS 402, 520 Watts of absolutely Clean Power! I'm not sure that this setup will even distort without taking out your eardrums first.

Having the 2 cabs allows me to get the stereo separation. This makes a world of difference.

Sure, it would be nice to just have to lug in one piece for an amp, but I have yet to find one that can handle the job. I demand absolute sonic cleanliness, and the self-contained amps I've tried just don't measure up.

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I did one of those unobjective "test listens" of the small JBL G2's with the 10 inch speakers at Sam Ash, and thought they fell apart a little at high volumes. A true objective side by side test would be a whole lot more meaningful, but this was enough to convince me to go with the SRM 350's.


The JBL's are about 4 pounds lighter than the Mackie's, which might make them more appealing for some. If I didn't need the volume, I would have purchased the JBL's.

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