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What soft sampler will let you make your own samples at 192khz , at 32 bits


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32-bit sample engine doesn't mean that you need input files in 32 bits. That just says what's used internally.


I don't believe there are any A/D converters that convert to 32-bit format. That format is used for intermediate results: after taking one or more 24-bit files and summing or processing them.


For recording purposes, 24 bits is the best you'll find.


192kHz may be the fastest rate, yielding the highest fidelity, but it's not worth the cost in system resources (processing power, sample set disk space, etc). There's a LOT to making a good sample set, and the extra fidelity one might get using 192kHz is marginal compared to the serious effort to simply do a good job of capturing the sample set, assembling the samples into a patch, tweaking the parameters.


However, there are times when sampling at a higher rate are practically justified. E.g., when you're going to do certain kinds of postprocessing of samples that's very sensitive to sample rate, such as certain modulated delay effects.

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Originally posted by Jabbe:

Originally posted by keyjr:

i think only at 24 bits

From Native Instruments' home page:

Kontakt 2 features: "192 KHz, 32-bit sample engine with 64 fold multi-timbrality and unlimited voices "

I'm pretty sure Kontact2 can only sample 0 bit words at 0 KHz. Importing samples and playback is another story.
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Good point.


My (limited) understanding is that most programs we call "samplers" are only sample editors & players, but not sample recorders. That is, they're more like what we call ROMplers in hardware keyboards.


I have Gigastudio, and it's only an editor/player.


I should have made that clearer in my post above.


For programs designed for creating sample sets, see Samplit! , posted by a friend on the audiominds.com website.


I use software I wrote for assembling sample sets (soundfont format). I have a number of ideas that would make it a lot easier for people to create their own sample sets, but it'll have to wait until work gets less critical.

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