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Thinking about an A30


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Hey all

Due to my decreased budget, I'm thinking of getting a (Roland) A30 to go with my not-been-used-for-about-a-year JV1010.


Whats the general concensus on the touch/feel on the A30?? I know it's not fully weighted, but at least the keys look non-synth.


Any advice is appreciated! :D

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Thanks for the info, Carl. Hopefully if I get an A30, it will suffice until I can afford something more along the lines of a Korg Triton or something...


Regardless of the action, it has to be better than my last purchase - out of pure playing desperation, I bought one of those fold-up keyboard things (only for $10!).


Man, I miss my A90! :(

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I like the feel on mine. Hate the interface, and the joystick, but the keyboard feel is good.


It's Carl's turn to send the user's manual this time... :P

I played in an 8 piece horn band. We would often get bored. So...three words:

"Tower of Polka." - Calumet

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