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new to keys should i have bought a s90?


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just splashed out on a s90 yamaha and m-audio audiophile 192 soundcard. will buy a firewire echo card when i can afford my laptop!

My question is: have i wasted my money as i only play mouse!


I can imagine what i could do with a board as i mouse click reason 3.0 so i went for it!


Yours a Newbie

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Sorry I should have mentioned, I wanted a good controller board, but found everything in my price range too toy like.

I would love to learn keys as the music am makin is heading right down the electro jazz direction and i am fed up with the effort involed using mouse only. I can play the guitar a little and had a DX27 and casio boards when i was a teen some 20 years ago!

But am thinking maybe i was a little hastey with the cost so early on in my new music phase..

Dam when i bought my DX27 (age 16) I was wishing it was a DX7 ! :)


Now I can buy a dx7 expander board !

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Ah, the beauty that occurs when a poster includes more detail... :cry: brings a tear to my eyes, it does.


Moh, the S90 is a fantastic board... it's got a great feel, a ton of fantastic sounds, and wonderful performance control features. It will serve you well for years as you develop your chops. It's also great because you can just turn it on, without needing the computer up and running, slap some headphones into it, and practice to your heart's content. Fantastic piano sound, to boot. :thu:


Enjoy your new purchase!




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I was alittle concerned about the piano sound on the s90..


after reading comments on a web page called harmony central!


They really laid into it!

I just thought they sound a little fanatic,

not like you guys sound i.e like seasoned pros!

into the tech and music, it really comes over on this forum..... am guna cry! :)

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Originally posted by moh:

Sven this palace "ROCKS!"

The amount of knowledge base and good conversation is unbelievable! I am going to be hear a while I think!

For guys like me been able to hook with you guys is a godsend...



Of course there are those of us who enjoy stirring the pot (no, not THAT POT) :rolleyes: and screwing up that wonderful signal to noise ratio of this otherwise perfectly fine forum.


Now, since we're on the subject of pot, here's an article you're sure to enjoy from my neck of the woods: CLONK HERE.




Map of 10-15 Acres


Amazing what you can do with 10-15 acres of farmland on the way to the beach. :freak::D

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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