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Can youfit a Motif ES8/S90ES inside the trunk of a sedan?


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I was wondering if anyone here who owns a motif es8 and a sedan is able to fit it inside the trunk of their cars with the backseat down. If so, is it in a gig bag, case, or just by itself. I'm actually looking into getting a s90es which is about 1 inch longer than the motif es8, but I figured give or take....and I'm not sure if I can fit this thing inside the trunk of my sedan. I'm guessing I will at least be able to fit it in with out a box/case/bag, but that would require careful maneuvering to avoid damage, so just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences...




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I doubt that anyone can answer this as all cars are different and there are many sizes of cases. I suggest you go to the music store you plan on purchasing the keyboard at and ask them if you can borrow the case(s) for a minute to see if it's going to work.


I definately would not recommend transporting a brand new keyboard without the case, especially the MotifES8 which is bulky and heavy. It will get banged up quickly.


I would also be leary of the gig bags. I was using one for a bit in order to lighten my load, but started to notice that things were breaking/getting damaged--they don't protect all that well, IMHO.



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I don't own either of these keyboards nor do I own any other 88 key boards but I would imagine that if you can lower the back seats and the passenger seat you should be able to have the board run across your entire car (from windshield to trunk).


As busch said, you can always try the case for yourself or just get the case dimensions online and measure the inside of your car :)

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S90ES and Motif ES8 are long keyboards! My S90, which is about 5" shorter in length than the ES, is just shy of 60" long inside a full-blown ATA flight case. It fits just right in the back of an Isuzu Trooper with the seats folded. Any longer and I would need to put it in the back of the Trooper at a diagonal or only fold the seats halfway and lay the case up on the seat.


I do have a little 2 door Honda Civic hatchback for commuting and amazingly enough, the S90 in its case can actually squeeze in with the seats folded down. It is tight to get the case through the pass-through, but it fits. I don't think an S90ES in a flight case would fit, but who knows. A lot of sedans have a decent sized trunk and the main thing is how large the pass-through opening is. I had a Dodge Neon as a company car back in the late 90's and I could fit a full-size SKB case in through the trunk into the back seat area. Those things are more spacious than they appear from the outside!


I would never think about trying to move a nice keyboard around without a good case.




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I had a Dodge Neon as a company car back in the late 90's and I could fit a full-size SKB case in through the trunk into the back seat area.
You mean a case for an 88-key board? hmm...maybe there is hope.


So I don't know if you yourself are planning to get an s90es, but anyways, do you know of any bags I could purchase for it?


I checked the dimensions, and it seems that the s90 bag will be too small, but the korg triton studio 88 is about the same width as s90es, so I guess those bags would do...not sure about the motif es8 bags, but it seems like the s90es is actually an inch longer than the motifes8!:<


So currently, I'm hoping the s90es in a bag will fit in the trunk thru to the backseat. I use to own an s90 myself and was able to put it in the trunk thru to the backseat, but the extra 5 inches of the es with the bag might not make it, btw how much length would the bag itself add?


The local music store is still waiting for an s90es to arrive, so I havent been able to test any of this out...





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Get a decent-sized Volvo. :thu: I can lay my PC-88 and Ion, in their hardshell cases, side by side with the back seats folded down, and still have room to stuff my KC-550, 2 stands, 4U rack case, and duffle bag filled with chords and pedals and books and things. I could probably even fit a 3rd keyboard in on top of the Ion if I wanted.
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My parents used to have a Malibu, and I could get my QS8 (51", I think?) in its gig bag through the trunk with the backseat folded down. There was still quite a bit of leeway for it in that car, too.



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According to SKB, you'll need the biggest case they make for a Yamaha S90 or an ES8. :eek:


S-90: 53.38" X 15.13" X 6.38" = Case: #6118W or SKB Luggage: #KB-88


Motif ES8: 57.38" X 18.25" X 6.63" = Case: #6118W or SKB Luggage: #KB-88


Chart for case sizes


For those folks who are not familiar with the sheer size of this beast, CLONK HERE.


But be forewarned, this image is so large, it will EAT YOUR MONITOR FOR LUNCH. :freak:


In order to transport it to your $75/night gig, :rolleyes: you'll need to choose the #1 vehicle of choice for PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS.


Something like this:






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In the past I used hard shell cases but more recently have had good success with the bag route due to the following reasons:


The bag is custom fit for your keyboard (or make it custom fit). This will offer more protection then the generic fit ones in which your keyboard moves around inside. Example... I have a custom fit bag for my PC2X made by Modern case. Fits perfectly, has more padding than the generics, and has a soft lining on the inside. For my Triton LE, the bag came with the keyboard and was more of a generic fit, so I had dense foam cut and glued it into the bag, then covered it with a soft velour fabric (total cost $30). It now fits like a glove and offers much more padding than before.

I also tranport my equipment in my own vehicle. This way I know that it will be loaded and unloaded correctly (and without incident). I also have less weight to carry.


However, if your equipment gets put in with other stuff (the band van, truck, etc.), gets handled routinely by others, is gigged with a lot (weekend warrior) then get a hard shell case. :)

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I'm still waitng for it :rolleyes: ,I went for the lighter wieght and less bulk. You can find it cheaper and free shipping than this place.



I had to pass on the SKB for right now, I plan on buying a workstation , so I'm saving my money for that out fit with an flight case.

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