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CME 76 key synth action controller


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I have a CME5, supposedly identical action. Action is semiweighted. VERY similar to the Kurz SP-88. Should be a good clonewheel controller because of the sliders, which will do drawbar emulation nicely. But no waterfall keys, and it's not synth action. That doesn't bother me, but might bother you.

I played in an 8 piece horn band. We would often get bored. So...three words:

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Originally posted by Analogaddict:

+1 on everything Daf said. One downer is that you can't save patches, so if your Voce module doesn't respond correctly to the cc:s from the UF, you're in trouble... Apart from that, I'm very happy with my UF7.

Can you please expand on that? I have been vascilating on getting this peice and the thing that stops me is exactly what you mentioned.


Is there no way to save presets at all? How hard is it to set it up (over and over) for a night's gigging? Can you switch banks as well as patches? Can you upload a program from a PC?




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