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Motion sound vs. new leslie 21 system


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Although I am very appreciative of Motion Sound's engineering, I owned the KBR3D combo amp for several years and would not recommend it for live use. Great for the home and for recording, however. the Pro145 is a much more appropriate amp for the stage. The problem with the KBR3D is that the outputs are post-gain, so you cannot separately control the levels going to FOH at a gig and the levels needed for adequately monitoring yourself on stage. This is why I sold mine.


Note that Motion Sound has recently revised the Pro3T (I think it's now the Pro3X) in many significant ways. I tried it at Winter NAMM and it sounds great. Much crisper than before. It no longer has tubes but instead uses FET modeling. They did an excellent job. I haven't had a chance to read up on the specs enough yet to figure out how it would be routed with other equipment.


Good to see the comparisons with the new Leslie units. Some say that the Leslie is a better match for the Hammond; whilst the Pro145 is a better match for the Korg and Roland, etc.

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