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Keith Emerson Anti E. Piano?

Joe P

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Hi Folks,

I'm a fairly big ELP fan and I happened to be listening to Spyro Gyra's new CD "Deep End" and admiring the electric piano sounds Tom Schuman used. Then it occured to me that I can't recall a single instance where Emerson used an electric piano or EP sound. Just curious if anybody can provide an example. I can't think of one.



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Yup - I can't recall Keith using EP during vintage ELP days.


He DID play clavinet on Nutrocker from PAAE, and on Tank as well (at least during live performance segments - check out the Beyond The Beginning DVD to see him interspersing Tank into his solo on Take A Pebble from the Belgium show).


Let't not forget Pipe Organ on the second side of the first album... and if you read about the Nice he played the Royal ALbert Hall Pipe organ during one concert there...







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Thank you! I was wondering if there was an exception. It's good to know. I am very happy that you set the record straight.


Incidentally, a fellow named Ed Macan is going to come out with a HUGE (1000+ page) biography of ELP next year. From what I understand it will focus very much on the music. Perhaps it will cover Emerson's choice of instrumentation. See here for more details.


Macan wrote "Rocking the Classics," an excellent book that examined the progressive rock movement from a musical, historical, and sociological perspective. While respectful of the music, it's not at all a fanboy-oriented account of the genre. It's highly intelligent, truly scholarly, and makes many original and interesting points. I can't recommend it enough to fans of prog rock.



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Originally posted by iLaw:

Does a Yamaha CP80 count? I seem to recall him playing one live.


[Edited to add] and didn't he use a clavinet on Nutrocker? (another dim recollection).



Look at the "Works Live" DVD, he used a CP80 for Nutrocker.
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