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Greetings from KSS... new member... well sort of...


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I've lurked here for a while. KC member Eric recommended this forum to me a while back and I registered then never really participated. I was hoping after Dave moved to moderate KSS over at Harmony Central some of the threads would be a little more performances oriented. Alas, tis not the case. Most people over there seem interested in the latest Virus spotting on Ebay, how to create beats using ACID or whether a ObXA is a good addition to a home studio. So I hope you have room for a guitarist who is currently playing synths in an 80-'s Tribute band while taking beginner lessons from a killer Hammond player.



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Glad to see you here! I've been contributing to both KC and Harmony Central. I find good things in both places, though I'm like you with my desire for the performance-oriented threads and not so much about the other stuff. I love to talk about and buy/sell gear, but it is driven by my passion/obsession/addiction for live gigging.


There are some great folks on this forum and hope you'll grace us with your excellence!




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welcome aboard!

I have posting occasionally on KSS as well, but it's definitely true that people here like to talk more about music, so I am positive that you will feel at home, like I do. :):thu:


Korg PA3X Pro 76 and Kronos 61, Roland G-70, Integra 7 and BK7-m, Casio PX-5S, Fender Stratocaster with Fralin pickups, Fender Stratocaster with Kinman pickups, 1965 Gibson SG Standard
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Haha!!! Yeah I'm the guy that got stuck playing keys cuz I'm a horiible lead player. J/K~!! ;)


I actually I've been around synths since college... I just never took piano lessons. When the opportunity came to do keys in this band I jumped at the chance. The Tribute band is really more of a cover band... we play 70-thru current... mostly top 40/party music and a ton of medleys in various styles (funk/dance, New Wave, 80's Metal 80's pop). We had a rather large medley that was just continuous... all New Wave tunes. People loved it. So we started adding more tunes as seperate standalones covering rock, pop and metal... So now we have a catalog of two full sets of nothing but 80's music.... from Prince to Bon Jovi, to Adam Ant to Van Halen, to even the Talking Heads. Needless to say we're doing a few large class reunions as a specialty tribute. We also just play plain clubs as a cover band, but are market is small and the pay$$$ not so great. Website is




Current setup is Roland XP30 & Triton LE (want to replace with the Extreme)on one stand (usually in front) and an Alesis Micron.... and sometimes a Yamaha EX7 to the left. I am thinking about adding an Alesis 8.2 or maybe a Korg SP500 just to have for piano parts... I us the XP30 for most piano sections however I change patches so often that it would be nice to have a 76 or 88 key piano with some better action at my fingertips.





In between my synths & our PA I have a nifty submixer kit I built... a Core Equipment pedal case holds a Yamaha MG10/2 mixer, which sends a stereo mix to a Samson active DI and then out to the main mixer. For monitors I run the C/R outs left and right to a pair of Yorkville 100 W Keyboard wedge amps.



It took some tweaking and some $$$ but I'm pretty happy with the setup and it's very functional.

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