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Motif ES rack problem


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It's a big one. Namely, it won't work. I'm not sure why, but I was programming some sounds in one location of the house, and by the time I had brought it back to where I normally have it, pressing the power button had no effect. I haven't taken it apart, lest I void the warranty, but nothing I've tried has gotten it to work. So my plan is to take it to Guitar Center tomorrow and have them look at it. Hopefully I can get a few responses to my questions before I head off there.


Hopefully these don't violate any forum polcies, as this has nothing to do with store sales, but it does relate to repairs.


1: Does GC typically have have techs on hand who can look at equipment, or are they likely to ship it off elsewhere?


2: If the latter is true, are they likely to have another rack or board I can borrow in the meantime? I have gigs coming up, including one on Sunday, and I'm hoping that I don't have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to use other gear in my limited collection to substitute.

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To my knowledge, GC does not repair electronics. I assume you're talking about either the Fairfax or Seven Corners GC which I have never seen any kind of repair shop on premisis. They may recommend you take it some place yourself to speed things up. There is a repar shop next to Chuck Levins (can't remember the name of it now.


If it were me I would first try to get GC to give me a new one depending on how long I had it. If I couldn't swing that I would send it back to Yamaha in Buena Park and hit GC up for a loaner.


Good Luck.

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