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gigastudio and a mac PTHD

gw sound

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I am going to buy a pc for gigastudio and I currently run

protools on a mac. If I buy a good sequencer(say, Logic),

can I run it on the pc, or do I need to run it on my mac?

Also, does anyone know the best way to connect the two

computers together? I obviously want to get the most samples playable

in one session.

Any help would be appreciated!

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You can run a sequencer on the same PC as GigaStudio using ReWire. (You can't run Logic, though, because it's Mac only.) A lot of guys dedicate a PC to GigaStudio by itself for more performance, so if you have a Mac already then that's how you get the most polyphony. Some guys have gotten 600+ voices out of a fast PC.


As far as hooking them together, you need another audio and MIDI interface for the PC. You could go with something like an RME with ADAT digital I/O plus a MIDI interface, or something like TASCAM's own FW-1804 FireWire interface. (I work for TASCAM, BTW.) Just plug MIDI from the Mac into the PC, then audio from the PC into the Mac.


Good luck, and post some audio clips when you hook it all up. :)

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For the audio link from PC to mac, use S/PDIF (or TOSLink) rather than analog audio. (A) it's cheaper, (B) it's better. This way, you avoid the round-trip conversion from digital to analog back to digital. This also means you don't need a high quality soundcard on the PC. Oops, though -- you need a soundcard with a GSIF interface. That probbably rules out most of the cheap ones.


Also, I believe I saw somewhere a program that allows sending MIDI in real time across any network. IIRC, it looks just like a normal MIDI input or output to the other software, but you configure it to connect between two computers over a network, even over the Internet. Not only does this avoid the necessity for the MIDI interface and cables, it also sends MIDI data much faster, allowing you to play hundreds of notes nearly at once with out the usual 1 msec per note problem.


If you decide to switch over to PC for sequencing and recording, you might consider trying n-Track Studio (www.ntrack.com), which is shareware, only $75 for 24-bit operation ($50 for 16-bits). It's a full-featured DAW program and worth trying for the small cost. It supports VST/VSTi and DX/DXi plugins and ReWire as host.


Sunthetic, does ReWire work across a network? I know there are software tools that allow this kind of thing, but I don't know how good/robust they are.

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