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Reason 2.5 Help Needed


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I have Reason 2.5 and an M-Audio Keystation 61es with Windows XP. For some reason, there is about a 0.5 second delay from when I press the note and the sound is played. I cannot find where I can fix this. I had that problem with the NI B4 program but I was able to fix that, but with Reason, I don't see anywhere where I can change it. Recording with this is going to be hopeless if I have to deal with a half second delay because my timing isn't that good. Any advice?

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I have 3 possible solutions:


1. Get an asio compatible soundcard. (audiophile 2496, some of the new SB cards, etc..) :)


2. Download ASIO4ALL for free and use that driver with your current sound card.(warning! crappy audio quality ahead)



3. I'm sure there's a way to lower the latency in the audio options. I don't have reason installed right now so I can't tell you exactly what tab it was under, but all I can say is that I was running Reason 2.5 with soundblaster live value 16bit with no noticable latency (but with noticable audio quality loss :) ). Check in the audio options and there should be some "ms" setting you can tweak. Put it at under 60ms and you shouldnt notice too bad a latency.


(btw latency = delay between hitting a key and hearing the sound, but you knew that already :) )


All 3 options should solve your problem, but for optimal quality and performance, I say stick with solution #1.


Good luck.

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