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Vox ToneLab Vintage Keys?


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Has anyone seen this?



There's no mention of it on English sites, only German sites from what I've seen.


The Vox ToneLab is typically a guitar amp emulator in the vein of Line-6 Pod and SansAmp. But this is new, because this model appears to be designed for keyboards such as Rhodes and Wurlies... I can't read German, but i'm having a guess. Some other pages mention that it does a Leslie sim... I recall some people wishing that Korg would release the CX-3 leslie sim as an outboard/rack so that they can use it with their existing clones or other keyboards - so this might well be interesting.

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I ran it through Altavista Babelfish and got:


Product description



Vintage key boards like fender the Rhodes Mark of I and Marks of II, Wurlitzer 200A are heavy in the trend. Usually the old treasures are again also taken on the stage. For the classical vintage e-e-Pianos additional Amps and effects are needed. The VOX clay/tone lab Vintage key is suitable outstanding for such purposes, since it has an extensive Modeling technology and in addition exhibits an absolutely stage-suited effect section.

Together with the various Amp - for models Speaker (Cabinet) stand Simulationen, modulation effects (similar to Chorus, Tremolo, Rotary Speaker, Phaser etc.) as well as Delays (Tape echo, TAP Delays etc..) and one resound - to section for the order. Additionally one can use WahWah - effects and compressors in the clay/tone lab. The VOX clay/tone lab Vintage key was programmed with 50 Presets delivered the key board/workstation sound similar for the application of the original pianos, as well as Vintage piano. The sound becomes by the clay/tone lab - Vintage key so authentically and offers a certain similar warmth by a thought out tube technology named valve Reactor:

This by VOX developed circuit covers a 12AX7-Roehre with double triode, a roar-driven output stage circuit, a virtual output transducer and a box circuit, which simulate the impedance fluctuations of genuine boxes hair-exactly.


3-Band EQ's and a Noise Reduction stands - for parameters for order to the sound improving, so that in the sound happening on the stage or in the studio can be intervened immediately.


The VOX clay/tone lab - Vintage key contains in the scope of supply the VOX VC-4 pedal unit for control of different effect parameters (Tremolo speed, WahWah etc..) as well as an extensive PC and MAC editor, of who facilitate the editing clay/tone lab immensely. A further highlight is beside the mandatory similar exits an optical digitally exit in the S/P DIF format, so that the e-e-Piano can be noted immediately digitally. For the MIDI - are to communication both a MIDI IN and a MIDI OUT at the disposal.


Chromatic tuner on board


For correctly good tendency additionally a auto+chromatic tuner provides, so that the Vintage e-e-Piano can before-be correct also times again.


Design and operation


Also the Design and the operation clay/tone lab are co-ordinated with experimenting with sounds. The automatic controllers machen's possible. When desired besides numerous parameters (TAP speed, effect status, Rotary speed) can be assigned basing aster. In the LC display shine the memory names, parameters and other pertinent references. The indicated tube symbols inform Amp about the number and types by the modelled original of the tubes used.


noncommittal price recommendation: 626,00

Gig keys: Hammond SKpro, Korg Vox Continental, Crumar Mojo 61, Crumar Mojo Pedals


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Dan Phillips of Korg R&D? Jerry Kovarsky of Korg Marketing? I know you guys stop by here. Comment? If this exists, or is soon to exist, you know we wanna review it.

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I checked with our German Distributor, it's a cool idea that they're doing, not a new product from Korg. They've created new presets for the existing Tonelab product aimed at using it with vintage keyboards, so it's a new set of presets for the existing product.


They have a link on their page to download the presets, for use with our free Editor.




I actually haven't had time to try them yet, but I like the idea!




Jerry Kovarsky (Korg guy)

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