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Multi-purpose monitors


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I used to play solo piano at home.


Now I want to start playing in a band, so I bought me a P-250. However, I still need an amp and stuff (don't know much about it).


I also would like decent pc speakers now as I discovered piano samples and sequencing ;)


I went to a local store and found some decent studio monitors (event, behringer, alesis, KRK, Genelec) and got the great idea to buy a pair of these and use them and for my pc, and to go to practice with my P-250 and do small gigs (nothing major in the near future)


However, will these things handle all that ?

In the store they wanted me to buy an amp with passive speakers or a complete PA system, but that's a bit too expensive for what I will be using it.


Thanks for your words of wisdom :)




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Great idea.


And it would be very suitable if your sound pressure levels remained low.


However, if you play with a band, sooner or later you're going to need to crank up your volume. At that point, you will want something other than small studio monitors to compete with the guitars and drums.


Mackie and JBL make some powered monitors that are great for your application. You may want to consider these.


Good luck.



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