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VK8M volume problem


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I'm new here- recently bought a roland vk8m (and its stand, volume pedal, etc; all the extraneous crap they don't tell you you'll probably want and/or need). the unit sounds okay for what it is (it's not the real deal, but none of them are). the problem is, even when it's turned up to "11", it's not loud enough. anyone else having this problem? my piano is screaming through my amp, but the vk8m is just way too soft; and when i turn the amp up to compensate, things get mushy. it's not a volume pedal problem. hope i didn't get lemon. thanks,


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Reedmnweep, welcome to the forum.


I have the VK8M and have had volumn problems at times. I found it mostly had to do with the 1/4 cords I was using. Try different cords and make sure they are plugged in all the way. Also try mono and then stereo. If one chord is bad running it stereo it will effect it.


It doesn't have the volumn of my RD700 but it gets loud enough. Also different setting on the VK8 have different volumns. A pain sometimes but you can learn to get more out of the board by emulating those.


Good luck.... It will give a lot of enjoyment.





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Hi Y'all,


This is my first post, and I'm happy that I'm able to help someone out.


I have a VK-8M, and fixed the "lack of volume" problem by turning up both "rotary woofer level" and "rotary tweeter level" to maximum volume. See page 41 in the manual for instructions on how to do this. It's not a difficult proceedure.


By the way, I've tweaked this thing to sound almost EXACTLY like the Electro 2 default B3 sound, rotary sim and all. (I've since modified it a little to suit me, but this is not difficult to do either once you become familiar with the programming). In an A/B comparison using the same speakers, I have to strain to hear any difference at all.


I play in a blues/rock band and use the VK-8m with my S-90 and two Mackie SRM-350 speakers set up on stands. This is for stage volume only, as we always hook up to a big house PA. So far, I'm happy with this set-up.



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