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Shameless horn-tooting


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Bravo Carlo - that's quite an achievement

I'm a great fan of italian music wherever that comes from (southern italian music it reminds me of my own country's music a lot)

I would like to have the music in CD format for my radio show (it's a daily show from 1 to 2, in a world music station in Athens, called Kosmos 93,6 (www.kosmos936.gr))- is that possible?

Two summers ago i met italian composer Rocco di Rosa in the greek island of Ithaca. He gave me his CD -wich was out with "Il Manifesto" newspaper. It was wonderfull, with oriental/mediterannean echoes as well and i played quite some times several songs from it for the radio show (allthough i don't know if the guy took ant royalties out of it :) )

Regards and keep on the good work


Be grateful for what you've got - a Nord, a laptop and two hands
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I received the CD. It's a live CD called "Midsummer Night in Sardinia", by Al DiMeola and Andrea Parodi - and it's amazing. The all-Italian group of musicians is great, playing a mixture of traditional instruments and jazz/rock instrumentation. Al's playing is incredibly tasteful.

Sadly, it's only available in Italy. :(:freak:


They used my tune to open the concert! I'll try to upload an mp3 with a section of it shortly. :)

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