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resources for learning LOGIC??


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Their Logic video covers version 6, but is still applicable to version 7 with very minor differences. A truly excellent and inexpensive series of tutorials produced by a Logic guru from your neck of the woods.


Also, there's http://www.bigbluelounge.com/forums and http://www.logicproforums.com/forums, two excellent websites. Bigbluelounge, formerly known as osxaudio.com, is the leading site on the net for all things related to audio on the Mac, and among many true Logic guru's who hang out there, the gentleman that made the SWA video happens to be an admin there. Logicproforums doesn't get anywhere near the traffic of bigbluelounge, but that's because it's app specific. Still, there is a wealth of knowledge there and a very large and ever expanding bunch of FAQ's that go a long way toward answering many Logic questions. Both sites are extremely friendly, very open to newcomers, and very patient.

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