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new to keys/synths, need some help please!


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alright, i am a rather experienced piano player of 10 years now, but i'm looking into a keyboard. i would have a couple uses for it:


-school jazz band (good jazz piano, blues piano, regular piano, and organ sounds)

-personal band, classic rock/indie (good electric sounds, organ sounds, ray manzarek-type keys sound)


i am completely new to the world of keyboards, so any help would really be appreciated.


the size of the keyboard and weighting of the keys is not of much importance, but i do not want anything smaller than 61 keys. my price range is from about $1200 USD down, lower would be greatly appreciated. i found a motif 6 new for 1200 and it seems to satisfy what i need, but seems to have a lot of stuff i dont need as well. i do want some ability to customize though, so the really cheap keys are out of the question.


ive been looking up instruments, and so far ive come up with:

Yamaha Motif 6 - $1200

Yamaha S08 Performance Synth - $1000

Yamaha Blem S03 64 voice synth - $400


the S03 is looking really good to me right now, due to the price, but i havent had a chance to try it in person, so any comments about the quality and variety of sound on this instrument would be greatly appreciated as well.


thanks in advance, if anyone has an recommendations or just advice, please let me know ASAP

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