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....where's the moderator??? seems the rebukes came fast and furious to keyboard-related selling posts, but this baby should be nuked ASAP ;-)


Unless....the people who invented the $900 hydraulic keyboard stand have moved into the stationery business -- (just kidding)

"Oh yeah, I've got two hands here." (Viv Savage)

"Mr. Blu... Mr. Blutarsky: Zero POINT zero." (Dean Vernon Wormer)

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Originally posted by timobrien:



We are offer middle finger in air to your ancestors.



Hoo boy, that's funny... Anywho, I'll alert Mr. Fortner to this thread, and he'll nuke it...

Web Director, NewBay Media. msidman@nbmedia.com
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Fortner's been contacted, and this thread will by dying a quick death quite soon. In his defense, he still has a day job and assignments writing for Keyboard, so he can't be everywhere at once, even in virtual space. You guys did a good job of repaying Soyoky's "kind gesture" of creditable, equality, and mutually beneficial trade, though. Especially Timobrien. We all got a good laff outta that. . . . .

Technical Editor

Keyboard Magazine


More people pay for Keyboard than any other music-tech magazine. Period.

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Cue sound of creaky saloon doors swinging. Piano player stops...


Sherriff: "So, you're the one's been stirrin' up a ruckus bringin' yer spam into our town."


Menacing-looking black-clad cowboy at bar: "And you're that sherriff I been hearin' the townsfolk say lost his aim, and his nerve. Just what you gonna do 'bout it?"


Patrons duck under tables to the sound of leather being slapped, as computer mice are drawn from holsters. Several liquor bottles are shattered by flying pop-ups for home refinancing and online pharmacies... then...


Menacing stranger: "Oooooh! Ya got me, ya varmint! I guess it was true what they say about your quick-draw 'close topic' button!"


Sherriff: "It's just a flesh wound. You're lucky I didn't ban yuh right between the eyes. We'll get Doc Holloway in here to fix you up, then you're welcome to stay if you want to talk pianah."


Piano player, who also has a Minimoog and Hammond B-3 next to the saloon upright, resumes a very complex medley of Debussy and "Giant Steps," which he's reading effortlessly from sheet music. As the brim of his hat tilts up, we see it's none other than Dave Horne. :D

Stephen Fortner

Principal, Fortner Media

Former Editor in Chief, Keyboard Magazine

Digital Piano Consultant, Piano Buyer Magazine


Industry affiliations: Antares, Arturia, Giles Communications, MS Media, Polyverse



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