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S90ES Additional Features


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OK - I'm in nerd mode lately. I'm looking to replace my MC3000 controller(dying)and asked you guys a while back about Motif ES/S90 ability to do program changes. IIRC someone steered me to the Master mode which allows you to set up a program change for each zone. But the program change and other parameters(CS, bank # etc) only gets transmitted after you store and recall that Master program. Not to good if you want to try out different sounds in a module remotely from the controller.


It appears that the S90ES has an additional soft switch called "send" that when enabled sends the parameters as you are tweaking them. Totally cool.


I'm not sure if this was a software update to the motif/s90 that was not updated in the documentation. I also wondering what else may have changed in the S90es ssoftware.

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Originally posted by Prague:

Many keyboards do have this. On the ION, for example, you can choose whether or not you want even the knobs to send CC data as you tweak them.

Yup! It just bummed me out that this feature was missing on the Yamaha controllers. Until now.


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According to the manual:


"Using the [F6] SEND button, you can select whether the settings in PRESET display are immediately applied or not. If the [F6] SEND button is turned on, each MIDI messages will be output from the S90 ES as soon as you changed each parameter in this display. If the [F6] SEND button is turned off, each MIDI messages will be output from the S90 ES after you store the edited Master and then select the Master again."


Very cool and I look forward to that feature appearing in an OS update for the Motif ES!

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