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Yam P-250 Stand


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I just bought a new Yamaha P-250 (I love it!!) but they sold a Quicklok M-91 keyboard stand with it.


They said it was a better choice as the normal LP-3 stand made for these stage piano's are just for home use.


However, once at home, I discovered that even at it's lowest setting, my P-250 is about 5 inches higher than my piano. Needless to say that it is nearly impossible to play it like this!


Can someone give me advice on a good stand for the P-250 where the hight of the keybed would be at the same as a piano and that can be used on stage ?




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DeCato, this might sound like a dumb comment, but have you rotated the stand 90 degrees and tried it that way?


I've run into a similar situation with my 'double X' stand and that solves the problem. Just a thought.

No guitarists were harmed during the making of this message.


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Thanks Trill,


I have been measuring.


The keys of my piano are at 72cm.


The height of P-250 (bottom to the keys) is 14cm.


So I would need a stand that can be set at around 58cm to get the same height.


The WS-550 has a minimum height of 61.5 cm. This comes close but I know a few centimeters can mean a whole lot in playing comfort.


The Quik-Lok QL746 can be set at 58.5, but I am not sure if it will be stable with a P-250 on it.


Some will probably think I exagerate, but now that I bought such an expensive stage piano, I want to sit good and comfortable behind it.

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I own the Ql-746 and a P-200. I don't have any problems with it standing or sitting. I have played the Motif on the WS-550 it feels comfortable. Of course, I could be overlooking that fact when I am sneaking in time on the Motif :D
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In that case I'll buy the Ql-746.


I also think the Motif is a few centimeters less high (the 14 cm from the bottom up to the keys for the P-250 is huge), which would make the height of the WS-550 just fine for it.


Thanks for your help!

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