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Roland XV-5050


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Alright, I bought a shiny new xv-5050 module. Seeing as I'm new to the whole MIDI-module type stuff, I figured I'd ask around. I play mainly a lot of rock & funk style stuff, and am attempting to get the best rhodes sound I can out of this box, using my Yamaha P-90as a comparison. I've got the "Retro Rhodes" patch tuned in a way that it somewhat resembles the P-90's, but I'm totally new to the art of filters, etc. to change much. I guess my question is a) has anyone else had experience with this module, and b) any tips on getting a nice rhodes sound of it. Would I be better off buying the Ultimate Keys expansion board? Sorry if this isn't too clear, I'm a bit new to thjis.
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I owned the xv 5050 for a while.If I remember correctly I didnt find any realistic Rhodes sounds I liked until I got the Ultimate Keys EB.

That has some really nice Rhodes, Wurlies, tons of organs and snyths. Definatly one of the better expansion boards by Roland

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