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Nord Lead 3, Nord Lead 2, or other??

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I was reading some reviews on both of these synths and I just confused myself all over again. I was going to get a Nord Lead 3 and just you know save up for it. If anyone of you remember my last post I expressed that I wanted really nice pads and AGGRESSIVE and HARSH sounds. I'm going to post the reviews from Harmony Central, but if you guys know about ethier or, please give me your advice. This would be my first hardware synth, but I have a lot of knowledge about software synths, so I'm not ENTIRELY new with everything (except I can use A LOT of work with my technical) but I'm learning synthesis and I'm not afraid of synthesis. I just want something I can use for an example in various types of experimental electronic music ranging from dark drum n bass. industrial hybrid...real harsh sounds and aggressive sounds but I would like nice pads for like some downtempo industrial stuff as well.


I have heard so far that the Nord Lead 2X has better sounds (much thicker!) than the Lead 3. One review told me that the Nord Lead 3 begins acting funny after 60 days and someone else told me he would rather the Lead 2X and the only thing most people like is the OS for the Lead 3. It kinda concerns and I think for myself dont get me wrong but when one opinion repeats from far too many people, it gets kind of sketchy.


What do you guys think? I would rather hear the reviews from real professionals on here. :)





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You might want to try out a DSI Evolver KB. You can get nice analog pads with it, and with its digital Oscillators, feedback, distortion, and having a 16 step sequencer for EACH voice, it can get pretty nasty too. Link:




You should be able to find some of the patch samples on their website. Also do a search on PEK (Poly Evolver Keyboard) and DSI (Dave Smith Instruments) on this site, as well as on Harmony Central. Lots of things that players that own the PEK posted. There's a GREAT review in this month's issue of KEYBOARD magazine too.


If you're really after the Nord Lead 2x and like that digital sound, be sure to try it out if you can. I'm not bashing Nord, they make a quality instrument. It's too digital sounding for my taste, but that's me. There's a ton of players out there that LOVE the Nord gear, so try to listen to as many media clips on line and try to get to a large enough music store to try what sounds best for your music.





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