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Dave Stewart (Barbara Gaskin) gear? (question for Keyboard Mag collectors)


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I was listening to Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin - Up from the Dark yesterday, and reveling in its fat analog glory. I recall that I discovered this CD via Keyboard Magazine when there was a feature (including a flexi-disc) on the song "Henry and James" back in the mid-80s.


Anyone have a copy? Did it mention some of the keyboards in his rig?


Also, does anyone know if they are still making music?

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I have no idea what they're up to these days, but they run a web site with a comments area that you can write to them in. I posted there a couple of years ago to say Hi and give appreciation.


Gear: Dave loved his Prophet 5 rev2 in those days and most likely used it for the Stewart/Gaskin stuff. He definitely used it in the Bruford band that he was in previous to the collaboration with Gaskin. To me, he is the king of hard sync and phatt poly-brass. He definitely shows you what a Prophie can do. But also do give credit to his playing technique (not just the sound), he is definitely no slouch in that department.


I am a big fan of ALL of Dave's works, from Egg (early 70s) through Hatfield & The North ('73-'75) (where Gaskin was one of the "Northettes" female backup singers), through National Health ('76-'79), Bruford ('79-'80), and Stewart/Gaskin ('81 onward). Great guy.


Of course, NOT to be confused with the other Dave Stewart, you know, that guy that used to back up Annie Lenox in... what was that band's name??? ;) That confusion happens a lot. :cry:

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i remeber that one .. Henry and James .. a great song. yeah i recall he had a P5. great synthesist as well as player. sounds blew me away. i actually have that flexi record .. somewhere :rolleyes: .


i remember storing away all kbdmag records from that era, including K250 demos, and some M Boddicker stuff. but this was 15 yrs ago, i guess some digging is in order. i'd love to transfer those to digital..



btw, back in the day, i hadn't a clue about different revisions of prophet. synthizen2, thanks for telling me its a Rev2, that's the one i got but i havent played it yet, its still at synth service, so now i'm even more anxtious to try it :freak:

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Where are you having your Prophet 5 serviced? What work is being done to it?


I think I have that record in my KB mag collection too.



Mike T.

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I liked the snap that used to be up at his web site (it might also have been his byline for his column) that stated that the only other similarity between him and the "other" Dave Stewart was that he also played guitar badly.


Another huge Stewart fan here. IIRC the flexidisk version of Henry and James didn't differ too significantly from the version on Up From The Dark other than the altered opening. Prophet and DX7 slaved to one of the Roland Microcomposers (Little Dave he called it). Forgot what his drum machine was though.

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