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electro or fantom or ?

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Hi everyone,

First off, I'd like to say what a great forum you've got here. Very helpful people. I'm new here but I've been "lurking" for a while by just reading most of the threads.


I understand that a lot of you guys have nord electro keyboards and I myself have ben lusting over one for a while and now have the money to buy one. However, for the same price as an electro 61 (ok, $50 more on internet) I could get a fantom xa or fantom xr. Would it be worth it to go for one of those for primarily piano, ep, and organ work?


I really like the electro and its also red :love: , it just looks nice. everytime I play one I'm there for like 30 minutes at least.


Also, the yamaha s03 looks interesting, im just scared off by the $500 price tag. Do you get what you pay for there? Or for that matter the Motif6 "classic".


I'd be using any of them with an 88 note controller at home (for use as a digital piano) and just as itself at band practices (well, obviously not with the xr).


I'm open to suggestions and sorry for being long winded. Thanks in advance.


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Hmmm... i reckon it's gotta come down to a few things:


- Would you be mostly playing piano or ep/b3 sounds? Obviously people love the Electro for the latter and most would agree that the others you've mentioned would cane it on the former. If you're equally using both, which sound do you consider yourself more fussy about?


- What type of music are you playing? eg. i'm playing some basic house stuff for DJ dudes atm. and actually using the Electro piano sound, which i previously labelled 'unplayable', for some acoustic piano comps because it fits just fine. I would never dream of playing jazz with this sound - although some people don't seem to mind. Another way of looking at it: you may be playing pop covers which have specific organ sounds which the Fantom would cover just fine, while a B3 fiend would despise playing lowdown gospel with those same sounds. Ya get me?


- Do u really not need other sounds on top of those the Electro offers? Don't wanna have to go buy another board...


- Are you gonna need other features which either of the boards lack, eg. splitting sounds, waterfall keys for organ parts, etc...


Meh that'll do for now, sorry to be long winded in return! Search out the numerous other threads about these boards as well. Hope that's of some kinda help...




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The only thing where the Electro will disappoint is acoustic piano... the entry-level Fantom Xa does better in this department, as would the Yamaha S-03.


But if you're going to spend most of your time playing B3, Rhodes, and Clav, and don't need strings, analog-style synths, techno beats, etc, the Electro is just an incredible value for the money. I can't fault its Leslie simulation, and unlike many of the other excellent "clonewheels" on the market, it does EPs and Clavs really well too.

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The Electro's acoustic pianos do disappoint.


But there's something about it, something that's hard to describe in words. It just feels like a "real" instrument to me somehow. I can play it all night and never get tired of it. Whereas most other keyboards start to bore me after a while.



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Thanks everyone for such quick responses!


I'll be using the acoustic piano mostly in a mix in a band who does primarily classic and prog rock stuff, so I don't usually have solos on an ap patch. I think that either the stock ap or the steinway on the website would do just fine here.


I would be spending most of my time on ep's and B3, although I've already got another board thats good at strings, leads, and other stuff.


And Dave, I completely agree. There is just "something" about it.




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