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10 Things to Do with your Electro this weekend

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1. Accept that the Electro really, really does need reverb. Read old reviews and see you are not alone in this thought.

2. Route Electro outputs to Motif inputs. Use Motif as expensive multi effects box for an hour to confirm that yes, a bit of reverb on the Electro output is GOOD.

3. Recognize that reprogramming all the Masters on the Motif to keep the A/D inputs active is a major PITA, and will likely fail one in a live enviornment.

4. Ponder the purchase of ones first external reverb or multi effects box.

5. Ponder reaction of spouse/partner to above purchase, and remember the preference to not bring a rack to the gig.

6. Remember that guitar stomp boxes were used when most keyboard outputs were mono.

7. Search web. My, my what they have for guitarists these days.

8. Visit local Roland dealer. Invest in Boss RV5 Stereo Digital Reverb stomp box.

9. Bring home. Plug in. Press play on newly acquired Jimmy Smith CD. Jam.

10. Two hours later, batteries dead, visit local 7-11 and relieve them of their supply of 9V batteries.

"More tools than talent"

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I've been through all 11 of those in some shape or form. Let me add a couple:


12. Experiment with unorthodox FX routings within the Electro.

13. Example: Braked Leslie on clav and EP sounds.

14. Example: Phaser on Hammond sounds.

15. Example: Ring mod on Hammond sounds.

16. Create other-worldly sounds using random LED drawbar sounds, no Leslie, various FX. I can make it sound like a 1950's sci-fi soundtrack pretty easily.




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17. Run Electro Rhodes through Moogerfooger MuRF. Surprise engineer.

18. Run clav through auto-wah/flanger/overdrive combo. Surprise engineer.

19. Rhodes & ring-mod trickery. Surprise engineer.


And the thing is, it's not even my electro! :D



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Nord Electro 5D, Novation Launchkey 61, Logic Pro X, Mainstage 3, lots of plugins, fingers, pencil, paper.

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Originally posted by Unsound Practices:

10. Two hours later, batteries dead, visit local 7-11 and relieve them of their supply of 9V batteries.

Hmm, invest in an adaptor dude!


To add one of my own i've enjoyed messing around with recently...


20. Turn all drawbars off and play the harmonics alone (i liked pentatonic ostinatos alternating between the 2nd and 3rd harmonics :) ) Now add some OD, vibrato 3, ring mod, phaser 2, braked leslie, EQ... preferably not all at the same time! Now bring in a drawbar or 2 and screw with some of the knobs in real time to get mad sweeping effects - say, the ring mod and phaser frequencies. Sooooo much fun to be had! :thu:


Yeah yeah, so i can't afford a synth :P

Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
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24. Accept that even though it sounds great in your stereo monitors, the mains need mono. Buy a $50 ART tube preamp, velcro next to the volume knob. Dial in warm distortion....Jack McDuff...mmm. The Wurlitzer sounds better too.
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