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TR-808 and TR-909 samples


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First question; do you have a TR-909 or TR808 to sample?


Second question; does your synthesizer have sampling capabilities?


I am sure if you do an internet search for TR-909 or TR-808 samples you will come up with at least one source for these sounds.


Or, are you interested in trying to re-create the sounds of those drum machines using the synth you have? If so, tell us what model of synth are you using and I am sure more than one person here can give you some pointers to get you started.


Best Regards,



Wm. David McMahan

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I have the Fantom XR, XV-5080, TRITON-Rack, TR-Rack, Motif Rack ES, the Akai MPC series, and Z8 Studio D


many of these synths already have TR808 and 909 samples built in. I would like to learn how they're structured and how to build the sounds from scratch so that i can manipulate the sounds better.

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The SOS Synth Secrets series offers an insight into how some of the 808/909 sounds are made.


The Roland engineers were pretty clever at times even if the sounds they made weren't good recreations.


The 808 cymbal sound uses six oscillators which is quite cool. There is a site somewhere on the net that has samples of the actual 909 hi-hat and cymbal sounds used in the 909.


It's pretty tough to recreate some of the 808/909 sounds and software comes up best in some cases with stuff like Waldorf Attack and Sonic Charge uTonic.


Hope this helps,



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