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Playing live with Sonar question.

Super 8

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A friend and I are going to be playing synth oriented tunes at an upcoming party. Basically he's singing, and I'm playing.


I'm planning on having two keyboards set up as controllers. One for bass notes, and the other for pads mostly. Everything else is sequenced in Sonar.


I'm am going to have two blank tracks with only controller information (ie patch change, and volume) on them for each part I'm playing, so that when I load up a song, I am all ready to start playing.


Here's what I'm concerned about, since I've never done it this way before.

When I work with Sonar and play my keyboard, whatever track I have selected in Sonar is the one that plays. I'm not certain how that is going to work when I have TWO keyboards at one time.


Any idea on how exactly I should go about this?


I should probably mention that everything is going through my Ediral UM880 MIDI patchbay. I've never been able to figure this damn thing out, but it always works fine for my general needs in it's defalt mode, so I never mess with it. I'm starting to get the feeling I'm going to have to do some midi merging for this project in order to use my two keyboards. I have no idea how I'm going to make that work. Or maybe not???


I hope my question makes sense.

Thanks in advance for your advice! :wave:

Super 8


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First question. What version of Sonar are you using? The early versions merged all incoming MIDI to a single track and applied it to the track selected. Later versions allow the multiple MIDI imput channels to remain seperate and go to different tracks.



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Typical studio hiccups would suck in a live gig so if I were you, I'd dump everything off to an iPod. My daughter used to use Fruity Loops live and experience occassional lockups or missed cues until she got her iPod. It's far easier to use and the playlists are great for setting up set lists.
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Originally posted by Super 8:

Anymore suggestions?

Record all your sequenced tracks to a MiniDisk (or iPod as it was suggested above) and bring a MD player (or iPod) and the synths you would play live. Why all the hassle with a computer and sequencing?
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