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keystation 61es sound stopping bug?


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While reading reviews on the net, I came across two people saying that while holding a key down on their keystation 61es the sound from their module would come to a sudden stop.


I plan to use this controller with the motif es rack and am worried that this bug will affect me.


Has anyone tried this combination? If so do you have any problems?


Otherwise can you recommend a good cheap 61+ key synth or semi-weighed action controller to use with the motif es rack? (I dont care about sliders and knobs)


The keystation goes for 170$US in your average store so it seems like the best choice for what I need, I just need to know what the deal is with that bug.

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Originally posted by bloodsample:

...While reading reviews on the net...

That's part of the problem. There just isn't enough info to figure out what the problem may be. The Internet postings create way too many problems that don't exist.


I would say that the reviewer doesn't know enough about the gear to be posting reviews.

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