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Bored with your acoustic piano sound?


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Get yourself a Double Borgato.




For the same price, you get a 3-octaves pedalboard (that you can cover with a lovely wooden-finish floor if you don't feel like playing it one night), and not just the usual three but five expression pedals (forte for bass strings and forte for high strings, just like Beethoven wanted in 1800).


This instrument apparently can reach fff climaxes never heard on any other acoustic piano.


Price is not mentioned though, but there's apparently a CD available. ;)

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One problem though... As the pedals use a similar hammer action as the "finger" keys, I wonder how a Borgato pianist look like when he/she has to jump feet down on the pedals in order to get an accurate fff sound. :D


I'm already impressed to see organists moving their feet and hands all over the place... Now to see a pianist try similar stuff with "weight sensitive" pedals, that must be impressive to see (not to mention exhausting for the performer). :P

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