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New Roland RD300SX


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Found this with Google:


New WX sound chip by Roland gives this 88 note piano the highest quality sounds. General midi2 & USB. Featuring the classical Roland looks, each key has been individually multi-sampled. Compact progressive Hammer action.


I want one! :thu:

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I want the RD300SX if it has an action like my Roland FP2! With my FP2 I can play 4 hour jazz gigs now without the terrible wrist pain I got when I played the Yamaha P series. It is a great improvement for my situation.




"Piano Realism Redefined

The most trusted name in digital piano technology Roland strikes again with the stunning RD-SX series. Equipped with the most authentic, extensive, and expressive multi-sampled grands to ever adorn a stage

piano, the SX line represents the pinnacle of digital stage-piano design and performance.


The RD-700SX is the crown jewel the premium piano and master keyboard for the demanding professional.


The RD-300SX is a very attractive alternative to the RD-700SX, offering the same stunning new piano sound, and a weight that is perfect for carrying from gig to gig. "

Harry Likas was the Technical Editor of Mark Levine's "The Jazz Theory Book" and also helped develop "The Jazz Piano Book." Harry spends his time teaching jazz piano online and playing solo piano gigs.

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Originally posted by konaboy:

The instrument the RD700 is replacing had some primitive tonewheel modelling built-in. I'm keen to hear if this has been developed in the new RD, it would be wicked if the VK engine was incorporated.

The recently announced G-70 workstation has the VK technology built in plus on-screen and real (though a bit smaller than normal) drawbars. So it seems reasonable that this might be included in the RD300SX.


G-70 Workstation


BTW, does anyone know if the G-70 is going to be available in the USA? It shows up on all the Roland sites except USA.



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Indeed, the G-70 (and V-Accordions) will finally be making their US debuts in Anaheim next week. Also, to clarify (and as posted in another thread) ... please note that the page on the Roland Australia site is not representative of the Winter NAMM 2005 new-product rollout. Much of what's shown on that page was announced at previous tradeshows in 2004. Log back onto the Roland US site on Thursday morning for the definitive and final list of what will be shown in Anaheim. In total, there will be around 40 new products on display in the Roland/BOSS booth. See you there!
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