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TC M-One reverb?


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Excellent? Hmm.. I picked one up on Ebay a while ago, and although I haven't spent a lot of time with it, I did find some nice presets; particularly the plates. To me, sounds as good as the comparably priced Lexies, plus has all the other FX goodies. What are you looking for, and what's your price range? Hardware or software?


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make sure to get the XL version if you decide to go with the M-One.


the engine in the XL is essentially the same as the higher-end t.c. M3000 with the following differences...you have less editable parameters, and the reverb coefficients have been further optimized from the M3K itself.


I have a t.c. M3000 and love it, had a M-One and thought it was weak (compared to the M3K), demoed the M-One XL and it was much-improved over the non-XL version.


try and demo it first...the t.c. reverb sound is distinct from reverbs from say, Lexicon or Sony or Roland...but it is certainly a quality sound.


I love the early reflection generator, esp. when I want to generate some "air," but have no distinct reverb tail...it also does great rooms.




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You could look at the Yamaha SPX 990. It would be a bit above the M- one's price i think, but there are lots of second hand units available on the market..

Awesome reverbs, real easy user interface...

Would recommend them...!!

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