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G5 laptops, PCs and Macs...


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I came across this article from what I assume to be Taiwan based high tech/financial news service.


What caught my eye was:


1. iBook and Powerbook G5s are scheduled to start shipping in Q2 2005.


2. ASUStek manufacturers the current G4 ibooks and will build the G5s. They also make the new iPod Shuttle. FYI, ASUS is the #1 manufacturer of PC motherboards. I've built more than a dozen PCs for myself and others and have always used ASUS MBs.


3. Quanta Computer is the largest Taiwanese maker of PC laptops. They build the Powerbooks (G4 and G5) for Apple.


I guess I was somewhat amazed to find that, after all the huffing and puffing about Macs and PCs, they are manufacturered by the same companies. :D



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For what it's worth, Apple rumor sites are dismissing the details in that story about G5 laptops shipping this spring as pure hokum. Apple Insider calls it a "wild rumor" and states:


While AppleInsider is fully confident in DigiTimes' ability to accurately assess and report on Apple's existing overseas manufacturing contracts, the publication has in the past provided inaccurate information in regards to unannounced products.


AppleInsider ceases to believe that Apple in the second quarter of 2005 could simultaneously launch both iBooks and PowerBooks based on a G5 processor, and do so successfully and proficiently.

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