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MIDI in External Keyboard with Roland V-Combo


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I've MIDIed in external keyboards before, generally for the external keyboard to play organ only and main board to play piano or EP. I can't work out how to get this setup on my V-combo. The Piano, Organ and Synth are supposedly available on different channels so I set the external board to the correct channel and it plays the organ part only but the main board also plays the organ part along with a piano part. i.e. within the same layered patch, I can't separate the 2 parts even though they are available on different channels. If anyone can advise on this I'd appreciate it.

Nord Electro 3

Roland JV-90

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I do not own a V-Combo, but until someone who does answers, you may want to check the Global settings to see if there's some sort of "half-local" setting so the keyboard sends only one channel internally. Or you may want to check the layer to see if you can set it so it only responds to external MIDI (that's how Korg does it)

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I gots a V-Combo and connect an AX-7 to it and an M-Audio Evolution mk-61c controller to it.


Step 1. select a usable patch number

step 2. split the keyboard at G7 and assign piano to the left part and organ to the right part.

step 3. set the midi controller to the MIDI channel for your organ. (Default is 1 I think, Ichanged mine to 2.)


While you're on that patch the controller will do organ and the main keyboard will do piano.


With the AX-7 I set it's patches to select the V-Combo patch and set the channel. When I'm playing the AX-7 I can just increment through the patches and completely reconfigure the V-Combo on the fly.

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