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motion sound amp purchase question


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My local music shop has recently begun importing Motion Sound amps so now those of us in Australia can buy them. Based on reviews I am ready to buy a kbrM or 3d. I am wondering if anyone has had any problems sending a stereo signal to the 3d and then out to the desk where the FOH is in mono and getting phase cancellation? My concern is about having a sound on stage that reasonably resembles FOH which is almost always in mono :( . I am interested in the 3d mainly to reproduce the panning tremolo effect on EPs and have briefly auditioned the 3d and was entirely underwhelmed by the clarity of the acoustic piano sounds (from a Roland X8 and Yammy S90) but again any comments would be appreciated as I wasn't auditioning the amp with a keyboard I am familiar with. And yes I have read earlier posts, and am aware of the eq hump revealed by someone who did a spectrum analysis.



Keys: Hammond SK2, Hammond SK1, Hammond SKpro, Korg Vox Continental, Waldorf STVC

Amplification: Line6 L3T, Yamaha DBR-10, Presonus Air 10, Leslie 122V


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If you've got mono FOH, you should probably just send one signal to the FOH from amp (probably Left).


The stereo signal onstage would then only be for monitoring. If you wanted to monitor exactly what FOH was getting, then just run the amp in mono.


With rotating horn, you're still going to turn your mono signal into a rotary signal which will still sound better mono than a sim. I'm not sure if you'll get any benefit for EP tremelo if you keep it mono the whole way.

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FWIW, I haven't heard any complaints about Motion Sound stuff in any situation. I think the rotors are already mic'ed so you can send the sound directly to the house via balanced outputs from the rear of the amp. Kcbass

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